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SpecialGuest is an art & communication company. We are rooted in directing, production & experimental communications. We produce our own work, so clients speak to the team making the end product. We are collaborative, strategic partners who bring on consultants tailored per project. Our clients are collaborators we welcome into the creative process. We’re able to pivot and shift as brands, media and culture change. We are hybrid thinkers and hyper makers. When we build a creative partnership, anything is possible.

Some things we do

Strategy/planning | Research/insight | Creative development | Integrated media | Experiential | Marketing/Activation | Social | PR | Digital | Design | Web development | Pre-post production | +

When we build a creative partnership with you, anything is possible.

Kodak on Engadget

"Kodak is promoting the new social platform by touring an interactive installation that takes a moment you love from your camera roll, having you describe it out loud so a team behind a curtain can curate the things you said about that photo and set it to music -- all while you watch it spin in a kaleidescope-like room full of mirrors.”
- Engadget

Frooti on Adweek

"Besides, the zany visuals—-like an episode of Club MTV if David Lynch directed—-are well worth the trip."
- Adweek

Aaron Duffy on Adweek

Aaron Duffy named one of the "30 Creatives Whose Smart, Funny and Innovative Work Keeps Advertising Interesting".



For the love of our friends

Kodak Moments

The Memory Observatory

A traveling installation to celebrate the launch of Kodak's new social app


Awesome Stuff Week

A new perspective on YouTube

Parle Agro


A Creative Partnership with Sagmeister & Walsh


Inventor Lab

A collaboration with inventors and Qualcomm



Misson control for students and teachers


Build it Beautiful

Our Creative Partnership with Squarespace


Moving Brilliance Forward

Our partnership with the biggest semiconductor manufacturer in the world continues

National Geographic


Look closer...


The Writing's On The Wall

It's not an illusion -this was very fun to make


Quietly Brilliant Commercials

A series of stories for 5 different HTC devices


Stop Vitamin Cruelty!

Seriously, just stop it.


The Special Guest

A love story

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